Saturday, April 26, 2008

Field Day

So Friday was field day.  Now field day when we were growing up was three-legged races, relays, "Red Rover", and other simple minimal games.  Field day nowadays has gone fancy - complete with blow-ups (otherwise called moonwalks, obstacles course and wind tunnels), chalk and face painting, jazz band from the high school, DJ and dancing, Karate instruction, oh yeah, and soccer, playground time, and other more simple activities.  

I had a good time, though.  I loved seeing my two younger kids interacting with their friends or just playing the games, watching them dance the little dances they had learned, and I enjoyed talking to the teachers and other staff.  It was fun to see the teachers having a good time, too.  

Being with my kids at school means I see a whole 'nother side to them.  I sometimes am in wonder of their adjustment to this world that I am basically not a part of.  They are interacting with kids they only met this year, but acting like they have grown up together. 

My girl's teacher had invited the parents and I am glad she did.  I had a good time and I felt that I was the one who got the education that day.  I learned a little more about the world of my kids.  

#3 is not a problem at school.  I always knew that but she is happy, going with the flow, staying out of the limelight and flying under the radar.  She has friends, but they are not "joined at the hip" like some girls her age.  She is not like at home when every negative thing has the potential to send her into orbit.  She more easily lets things go.  

#4 is finally VERY comfortable, and for him comfort is being a leader, bossing (sometimes), telling others what to do.  He is friends with his previous "archenemy".  He has backed off on the one friend who was his one and only friend exclusive friend in the beginning of the year.  He has branched out and integrated.  He still says he doesn't like school, but I have my doubts that this is really true.  I think he is enjoying it more than he lets on.   I see him having fun.  I think he has experienced some social success and is proud of that.  There have been so many "bumps" along the way for him and the journey is not over, but he is flying more smoothly.  

The school itself is a good place for them, right now.  I feel comfortable with my decision to send them to school.  At times, the "upkeep" (homework, studying, reading logs, etc.) seems more even than doing it all myself, but their experiences are more broad, more balanced with academics and friends.  We were very lonely before school.  We have integrated more into the community where we live, and that has been a good thing.  I know more people and feel more comfortable with living here.  So, this has made the move better, and after almost three years here, I am more at home.

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Rachel said...

I remember field day, and yes, it sounds like it's changed a lot.

I'm glad the kids have adjusted. It sounds like they are doing great. I'm also happy to hear that you are starting to feel more at home there.