Saturday, January 22, 2011

Update....long overdue.....

Ok, my friends, it has been a very long time since I have been on here. I have my kids were having struggles and I had gotten very intense about helping them and sad about what we were going through and frankly didn't want to broadcast these teenage years for all to see.

#1 is doing great! He is enjoying school, his new room downstairs, his time at the Hoover Rec....his life EXCEPT, he is not all that respected by the other kids in our household. That must feel pretty crappy at times. He is so sweet and congenial and does just what I ask him to. I am hoping that he can get a job in the next few months and branch out a little.

Now for the painful part, #2 had been diagnosed with mild ADHD (inattentive) last year, but we never really treated it. I finally started to feel that he might be depressed about 2 years ago, but wasn't able to get the pediatrician to agree. It got worse, summer (last year) he was very quiet and didn't leave the house or make plans at all. That was ok with me, but he just wasn't LIVING. Finally I took him to a Psychiatrist and we got him on meds. He is finally after about 6 months on meds (about 20 changes along the way), better. He is still not living to his potential, but he is doing homework, and for the most part, participating in the family (not always in a positive way, but that's another story). He is apparently very talented with music (just won't practice to progress), and as we knew all along, very smart (but doesn't work hard with academics).

Because I was concerned about #3 also (just didn't seem happy), I took her along to "Josiah's" doctor. All of her symptoms turned out to be due to an anxiety disorder (NOS - that means not a specific anxiety disorder) and she is on meds also. She is doing much better, but still has ups and downs. During the summer, she started to get very serious with her art. She did one little class with colored pencils producing a really awesome polar bear picture (above), but mostly honed her "clay craft". She got a clay oven and a few tools and worked every day with clay making random little creatures. I am hoping for her to try other materials, but she is enjoying art in school right now. Her academics are so good right now and she has grown so much in every area. She got taken off her IEP and is on or above grade level (mostly above) in every academic area. She works so hard with her schoolwork and doesn't like to get less than an A. She made all As except for Science (not her favorite class right now) on her semester report card. She also got accepted into National Junior Honor Society. She is beautiful as well. Her eyes are so dark and pretty....we all know that didn't come from me. We are still working on getting her to be more social. She is speaking up more at school and church, and making friends more easily. She is warming up to others some....still a struggle.

#4....where do I begin....he just turned 12 yesterday.....I am so scared to have 4 teens (or basically). He is very teenagery in his moods, but because of his struggles with disorganization, etc., we finally put him back on ADHD meds. He is so severe inattentive and can't make himself focus for ANY of the school day....the meds have helped tremendously with his work. His teachers love him - he has so much personality- and this helps. They are realizing now (with meds) how super-smart he is and how much he can do if he is "on task". Of course, the meds contribute some to the teenagery mood, but there is no great gain without some small loss. He is slimming up and growing (a little - still the shortest person in the school). He is the one of our four who is truly a friendly soul and loves to be with people. He does well with adults and younger kids, though probably better than his own age. He loves being a leader which doesn't seem to happen at school, though. I am not sure why.

Kevin continues to be very busy with work. It is going ok, I think....he doesn't talk about it much. We had the annual office party for his team. It turned out very good and he was very helpful with me being so stressed....he did trays, helped in a million ways...he is such a good guy, sweet and kind, my best friend and a very fun lover!

I am still volunteering a lot with Bumpus Library (middle school), band uniforms, ESL at Hunter Street, I love all these and can't seem to give up one of them. I am home on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays and that is enough for me. My friends keep me busy with lunch out and scrapbooking. I am desiring to get started on quilting. A friend from scrapbooking will help me get started. If I can find a sewing outlet, I will be so happy...I miss my fabric stuff....

The family is growing, changing and I am philosophically figuring out that maybe the Keeters' struggles are from the fact that we are not "born and bred" public school material. I am rethinking my decisions to put them in school. It was very good for me....I found a good friend group and activities I love.....but I need to think about what is best for them. We will be in prayer about where and when to send them elsewhere. I want a full life for them.....that is my goal. I am hoping to figure this out with God's help. Please pray with me about this.....