Sunday, April 6, 2008

My girls

When I think about my purpose in life, the main things I think of are my family - teaching them about God, life, and loving others, and my church - teaching young girls about (again) God, life, and loving others.  Along those lines, I teach a class on Sunday night which is like a discipleship class for 3rd -5th grade girls. These girls learn God's word, His truth and how to apply it to life.  They also do lots of hands-on stuff which I often see as the bait to get them to want to come.  They love the hands-on stuff.  They live for crafts, art, music, and games.  They like to dance, sing and create.  But really this is more than the bait.  It is teaching them about life too.  While they are making things, they are learning self-esteem.  When they are dancing, they are learning to have fun and enjoy life.  As they sing, they are worshipping God in a pure and sweet way.  And, they talk to me.  They tell me about what they are concerned about.  They talk about their families.  They share what God is doing in their schools.  Because I listen, I earn the right to teach.  I get them to listen because I am listening to them.  They are very sweet and I am blessed to have them in my life.  Yes, it takes time to prepare, but it is worth it.  The time is well spent.  

This Friday night, I had a sleepover for "my girls".  I had a schedule and we stuck to it, but we had fun.  We danced, we ate, we watched a movie, we learned about Queen Esther, and when the night was done, we read a little story by Max Lucado and I turned out the lights.  As I lay there in the dark, I asked them who wanted to pray.  All of them volunteered, so we each took a turn.  Their prayers were very sweet and then I, with tears in my eyes, prayed for them.  I prayed that one day, I might see them living for God, working in church, and know that I had a small part in their lives.  I do pray for that.  I know that God desires their lives for His glory.  And I thank Him that I can give to them.

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Anonymous said...

Great Blog! Got to read it at last!
My daughter so much enjoyed the sleep over, she hopes you will do another one very very soon this summer :)