Friday, April 4, 2008


There is this thing that my friends in our church youth group would say.  Generally, it meant "That is too sweet for words" or "I am with you on that so totally I can't put it into words".  It is something we said when we made a connection with each other.  We would touch fingertips and say "OOF".  I was just remembering this little saying and how it says what you want to when you can't put it into words.  Anyway, in my life, I am constantly looking for "OOF" moments with my children, my spouse and my friends.  I also feel that God gives me "OOF" moments quite often.  Today, my friend M. who is a very busy doctor and mommy to four beautiful, but active children called me out of the blue.  My biggest complaint about our relationship is that she has no time for her friends (namely me).  So, she had a couple of hours and not a lot to do other than drive back to work early, so she called me to see if I could get together with her.  I was ecstatic!!  So on the way to meet her, I was thinking, "Thanks, God, for another lagniappe!!"  I wasn't expecting it, and we haven't been together a lot lately. We could have talked for hours, but we made good use of the time we did have.  She is very special and getting to visit with her today was an "OOF" for me.  She wrote me an e-mail and said that I am like a sister to her.  I don't know how to describe how that makes me feel except "OOF"!!!!!  

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kosovacajun said...

Ok, the oof thing is girly and all that, but I know what you mean. We drove up to Huntsville today to meet some old friends who drove down from Franklin, TN. They used to be colleagues of ours in Kosova and are now serving in a large church. It was totally worth the 4-hour round trip!