Sunday, April 13, 2008

My brother

My brother:

  • yelling above the crowd in Albanian at our daughters' soccer game (hopefully he wasn't cursing but no one really knows for SURE)
  • using a blade of grass to make a horribly loud sound (the kind that makes you cringe,      hold your ears, and want to punch him)
  • ability to preach a sermon that REALLY holds your interest 
  • intellectual but kid-like
  • fun uncle but weird brother
  • distracted dad but great friend
  • fabulous writer 
  • addicted to fishing (my spouse doesn't think this is so bad)
  • early riser (and pray-er)
  • photography buff (pretty good, too)
  • odd, crazy sense of humor (not all people understand or appreciate)
  • uses sayings and gestures from other cultures so no one knows what he is doing
  • chameleon and impersonator in language and culture (he's not really Cajun or Kosovar)
  • cool but nerdy (OK, maybe not cool)
  • loud
  • pretty much indescribable but this is a start
  • older than me, but significantly younger......


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Rachel said...

Ha! And I wish I knew what falemder it meant.