Monday, April 7, 2008

Top Ten Things I Dislike About School

10. School smells and school germs
9.  Lots of crowd control (necessary, but still not my favorite thing)
8. Homework
7. Lots of little things that take time away from learning and don't help educate
6. Tasks that leave little room for a child's individuality
5. Kids that cause problems for the teachers and other kids (and their parents who don't care or try to do anything about it at home)
4. That school consumes the majority of the child's day and daylight hours, energy and drive to learn
3. Standardized testing - just too much of it!!!
2. IEP meetings (a big part of my school experience with one LD child and one child with PDD and I really, really dislike them)
1. The whole school experience is not conducive to an exceptional family/home life (basically boils down to not enough time with my kids to do what I feel called to do - share my faith, disciple them, go on outings, read to them, and countless other things)

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