Thursday, April 17, 2008

Kids at home...Teens and Tweens

Do you know that my kids are home today, the Wii is on with all three boys watching/playing, Tobymac is playing in the background and the girl is no where to be seen, no doubt reading or listening to a recorded book?!!  

I envisioned that we would be at the zoo today (didn't realize that at least two of my kids no longer like the zoo).  I pictured us picnicking at a park (they aren't interested in leaving the house).  So, here I sit blogging and wondering how to parent these kids I don't know any more. 

 They did a few chores, we got the clothes started, but after that, they desire nothing better than to sit at home doing video games and reading.  I am pretty sure I can make them go, but would that be fun?  I think not!!!  I might get out a little bit by myself and walk at the local botanical gardens.  But, I want to be with them.  I hope we can agree on some kind of outing.  Maybe I can bribe them with getting ice cream (do my kids still like THAT?)......


Rachel said...
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Rachel said...

I don't know Rebecca. Having kids who entertain themselves sounds pretty heavenly to me.