Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Girl

Best described by her brother as being a tiger:  Beautiful but dangerous!!!

Quite true, quite true.....

She is also:
  • Fun and fun-loving
  • selfish but giving when it is her idea (gifts are quite creative)
  • creative sometimes in odd ways (could one day become a "found object" 3D artist)
  • smart but hates academics (BUT loves writing her own cool little stories - just not much for the mechanics of writing and NO punctuation)
  • girly but loves the outdoors (is studying the "Dangerous Boys" book section on how to make arrows and is succeeding quite well at making very sharp sticks - "OUCH!!!!")
  • all about her friends and cousin, but likes being alone too
  • loves anything "hands-on"
  • late reader but LOVES book - Warrior series is her fave
  • messy, scary messy room
  • "fit-thrower" (unfortunately)
  • likes to sleep
  • quite good with younger children (when she wants to be)
  • hates to travel

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