Wednesday, April 23, 2008


What I love about my dog:
  • Her sleeping all curled up on the sofa
  • Her sleek red-brown coat, shiny, maybe the perfect hair color (hmmm....there's an idea)
  • Her little gray muzzle, not too old, just seasoned
  • Her waiting for me to settle on the sofa so she can curl up next to me
  • Her way of communicating her needs by her specific barks, vocal whines, and exuberant, bouncy jumps
  • Her running when she hears her leash rattle, my sock drawer close or the sight of me putting on my tennis shoes
  • Her brown, sweet eyes
  • Her "mean" growl and the way she gets very riled up when she is teasing (it looks so real if you don't know different)
  • Her "big dog" attitude
  • Her love of warm grass and loving to roll in it
  • Her submissive, belly showing when she is wanting attention
  • Her obedience in getting in her box when told to
  • Her love of sleeping with the middle children (only)
  • Her companionship
  • Her unconditional love

1 comment:

Rachel said...

What a sweet post. We love Honey too. Kate talks about her all the time.