Monday, January 12, 2009

Post Party Monday

Pre-simmered gumbo:Tables semi-ready:

It's a Monday, and a post-party, the stuff is still out, the tables are still out and long leaves in and decorated, the dishes not all clean, "useful" clutter put up where we can't find what we need, Monday at that.  Plus there are a lot of very bad foods in my house.  I will try to make it today with them in my space, but the kids need to eat up tonight because I am going to purge them out.  I can't have them there tempting me, giving me grief.  

So, I fed 27 people!  And the consensus was that EVERYONE (except me) wants this party after Christmas.  I don't mind it being after, it is just something to kinda dread after Christmas as if any of us need something to dread after Christmas.  I felt like I wanted "honey" to know how much pain I was in doing this and taking on the bulk of the work.  But, he was grateful.  He was sweet and he is always doing stuff for I am fine.  I just need to do this for him....  I will focus on the good.  It makes him happy and his team - well, more of a team.  And that is important in this day of difficult economical situations and stress on every front.

I am done.  I will quit whining...and this is one post he won't HAVE to read.  

Again, I love you, my friends.  Don't worry, the next party is one I will choose to do.  And I did feel some pride in the tables, my home and how everything looked with lit candles everywhere.  


Valerie said...

I absolutely loved your china! The table looked great and....any chance you could give me the recipe for the gumbo? I've been wanting to try it and was afaid to put my time and effort into "any" old recipe...yours obviously works!

rosegirl said...

sure! I will bring it to you wednesday night if I remember....but just know that when you hit 40, your memory starts going!