Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New President

So, I watched the inauguration and ongoing festivities for a good portion of the day today with my friend (also a conservative).  I am thrilled that we have an African-American president.  Seriously!   Everyone in this great country MUST know how much it means to black people everywhere to experience this wonderful moment in history.  I feel their joy, I really do!  I also feel their pride.  I feel their pain at all they have been through to make this happen.  I, too, am proud of him and his poise, intelligence and accomplishments.  I am impressed with his family.  I love that we have someone with new ideas and new proposals.  I did not choose him, but he can surprise me!  However, there is a big concern in my heart.  My biggest fear and pain is that he is adamantly pro-choice (or more correctly named pro-death) and will stop at nothing to see that this cause is furthered from one end of our nation to the other, state to state.  So, today, I grieve.  I grieve because it had to be THIS black president, this man who is so grossly in error about this issue.  You can say what you want about the other issues - I don't particularly like the war, although the results to me are good (at least mostly), I don't like "spreading the wealth around" in the way that it has been proposed, but these issues are not "morality issues" for me.  For me, they are political issues.  For me, the idea of killing or causing babies to die is a morality issue.  I pray for God's hand on our country and an end to this infanticide.  I pray for God to have mercy on us for our errors in allowing this to happen.  And I pray for God's wisdom in knowing what I can do to make a difference.  


Valerie said...

I couldn't agree with this post more! Well said! I'm thrilled and angry all at once...angry only because he is reversing some of the laws Bush set in place on abortion...it makes me sad!

friend S said...

I agree with the sadness of theses particular "changes." Why is it so hard to fight for something so very basic and innocent? I was also thinking "well said" when I read this.