Saturday, January 10, 2009

BIG Gumbo Thing

Every year (or almost every year), I do this big party for honey's team.  The first year I made gumbo and it was such a hit that now I feel pressured to do the same thing every year.  I make two big pots, usually in 3-4 steps - and this is not something that I take short-cuts on.  The stock is the real deal, simmered for a couple hours, rich with veggies, the veggies for the second step are hand chopped, the roux is done in the microwave so it won't tie me to the stove stirring it for 30 minutes, but that is the only thing I make easier on myself.  I love the finished product and most other people do too (or if they don't, they don't tell me), but it is a real "labor of love".  This is one of the few things that I do JUST for my spouse other than, well the other things are for me and the kids too.  I don't (for the most part) know these people, don't know their jokes or feel their day-to-day pain, don't participate very much in their conversation, but every year, I clean my house (this year with a lot of help from my twice monthly cleaning lady), straighten the clutter, and cook, COOK, COOK!!!  

Despite how this sounds, I enjoy doing this for him.  The big difference this year is that we couldn't fit it in before Christmas (this is like his Christmas present to his team), so we are doing it this weekend. I will be honest, it feels a little weird.  I don't quite know how to decorate.   I WILL use my new Christmas dishes that my in-laws so graciously helped me collect (thanks, guys), but the decorating is beyond me.  I put up the tree and most of the trimmings.  The one thing I left out is my favorite Christmas decoration - my Nativity.  I love the serenity of it and the meaning, so I left it out.   Other than that, I have no vision for the decorations.  But, nevertheless, it will happen - in less than 11 hours.....I must get on it.  The gumbo is done and simmering, the floors and bathrooms are pretty clean, so now I must pick up the last clutter left from the kids coming home from school, put up the clean laundry that litters the living room, and decorate....somehow!!!


Rachel said...

Gumbo is definitely a labor of love. Wish I could have a bowl of yours. Do you make a seafood gumbo or chicken and sausage?

rosegirl said...

Ch. and Sau. I have people with seafood allergies.....I made seafood one year and two people couldn't eat!