Monday, January 19, 2009

Mini Family Reunion

#4 with my cute nephew - some of my favorite moments were seeing them interact with their cousins.  We see each other so little and there is a comfort level that they have with each other.

This photo was towards the beginning of the trip when my preschooler niece wasn't real comfortable with me.  But, I wedged her in-between me and #2 and she was very happy sitting there for a while.
These two are favorites of each other.  #3 and my niece have a quiet understanding of each other.
This picture of me is a picture of me in heaven.  Having my two nieces on my lap and happy with me and each other was sooooo fun.  It brings tears to my eyes thinking of it.  We see each other so little and they are so sweet (not to mention beautiful).  
The Risk marathon that was finally a "draw":

The most beautiful baby in the world (and this picture doesn't do her justice with her curly brown locks, dark blue eyes, perfect mouth and precious dimples - I could go on and on.....):

I am sadly having niece/nephew withdrawal!!  I spent the last few days at my parents' home in the country.  All of my siblings were there except my brother who is halfway around the world.  We didn't do much, just hung out....well the "men" did have a marathon Risk game with my youngest sister playing war consultant to all four of them.  Other than that, we cooked, held babies, watched the kids play and talked.  It was very enjoyable.  There were many times of almost "head-butting" when we couldn't agree on something, but coming away without a complete "episode" was a major miracle.  (I guess it is because there are so many strong-willed people involved.)  We each deferred a little (or a lot) to the others and we all made it through.  

Sunday was a especial trial for me as I wanted to go to the church we grew up in, but my dad had a planned preaching engagement at a small (think tiny), country church near their home.  I was very out of sorts the whole drive to church thinking of fighting my kids in a small church "on display" for everyone to see.  But, the service was enjoyable, the people were friendly, and the kids were fine.  My youngest sister didn't drive in for church, but she came later with "po-boys" for everyone.  That was a real "food" highlight.  We all wanted a small taste of food from our taste memories without going out and wrangling 7 kids.  It was delicious!  We also had king cake (with special fillings) and my sister cooked a really good, all-out meal of baked chicken, veggies, and rice for Saturday night.  

The kids, I have to say, were the highlight, though.  "Little baby" niece is so pleasant (never cries) and easy-going, the big brother is adorable playing with his football and asking to watch the game during Sunday dinner (he's only 2), the preschooler niece is sweet, fun and slowly warming up to everyone more, and even my kids in their teen and pre-teen angst were sweet, charming, mature (at least more so than usual), helpful with the babies and fun!  

We left at 7:00 PM last night, so the drive for my honey was torturous, but he wouldn't let me drive.  We got in at 12:00 AM and went straight to bed.  So now, instead of getting caught up, I am sitting here blogging....I really must go unpack and do some laundry.  The kids go back to school tomorrow and I have a birthday party to plan for Saturday.  


Rachel said...

It was great to see you guys. I especially enjoyed seeing your kids and talking books with them.

rosegirl said...

me too! I am sad to think that it will be a long time before we are all back together again.....give K. kisses from Aunt B.