Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years Puzzle Marathon

The last two days, we have been on a puzzle-making marathon.  We did get out this AM to go "make groceries" as they call it in my home state.  Then, this PM, we went to the new Bass Pro.  How I LOVE those stores!!  We had a great time on this little field trip, shopping (mostly window shopping), shooting, seeing the stuffed animals, and dreaming of very big boats and great outdoor vacations.  

Back to the puzzles, we finished one of a old-time schoolhouse (500 pieces) and are now working on a picture of San Francisco (also vintage-looking - 500 pieces).  Yes, I realize those were very easy ones, so the next one we have picked out is 1000 pieces, and a very hard puzzle almost completely in gray and white, a picture of a wolf pack.  My younger two sons picked it out.  I don't relish the thought of doing that one.  Leaving the store, I made all three younger kids raise their right hands and promise to stick with it and not leave Mom doing it all by herself.  We will see how far that goes.....

I also had a beautiful, new faucet installed by "Mr. Handyman" himself, fixed a wonderful soup for supper, talked to my brother and his family via modern technology, and enjoyed my family since everyone was home again today.  

I don't relish the thought of the kids starting back to school  They have three days left.  I feel myself beginning to mourn.  I will enjoy seeing my friends again, but I will miss my kids and I sooooo hate how homework completely takes over our lives!!  Enough griping.....I will put a happy face on for them.  And enjoy the last few days of holiday.


kosovacajun said...

I really enjoyed skyping y'all yesteday.

Valerie said...

I like the idea of family puzzles. I finished a 500 once before and thought that was tough. My 8 year old cousin just recently got a 2600 puzzle and finished it in a week...tells you how good I am; however, I enjoy them...maybe someday we can adopt this tradition.