Sunday, March 8, 2009

Fixing the kids

We have found that one of the pitfalls of raising teens is that they are very adept at their attempts to divide mom and dad.  So, we figured out that this was going on in our family and we didn't like it, so what did we do?  We fixed them!!  We started doing more kissing and hugging in front of the children.  We started reminding them that we are in cahoots.  We started taking up for each other every time we had the opportunity!  Things get better and worse with the kids and better and worse and up and down, but with my honey and I, things are REALLY good right now.  He is my guy and I am his gal!!!  So, kids, you can't succeed in dividing us....AND you will be all the better for it!


The Sadlers said...

So true!!! Good for you and "your guy"!

Valerie said...

Hang in there, girl. It seemed like most of my teenage years were trying to get my parents to stay together and act like they loved each other, your kids do not know how blessed they are...but they will someday!

Rachel said...

You guys are smart to present a united front to the kids.

Kate is already trying the divide and conquer. Not looking forward to the teen years. :P