Sunday, March 15, 2009

In Over My Head

There is a constant feeling that I have.  It is that of being "in over my head".  With three teenagers (or technically two and one more in a month), I feel that whatever I do is not enough.  The kids can be kind, loving, and wonderful to parent, but they can also be mean, vindictive and difficult to parent.  I think that putting them in school at an older age is magnifying what would already happen.  They are experiencing garbage happen every day and they are bringing it home.  This is not cool!!!  They know this, but it still seems to happen.  I am trying to trust God that it will all come out o.k.  I know that God is there and he is helping me.  I can NOT do this without his help.  I pray often that he gives me wisdom.  Maybe that is what life's difficulties are about for the Christian.....learning to lean on him and his help.  I just had a discussion about the way we talk to each other with my #2.  The sum up of that discussion was to be teflon, not velcro.  

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