Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Gym

My latest fun thing for me is going to the gym......seriously!  I finally figured out that walking and Wiifit wasn't going to do all I needed it to.  I found a friend who worked out and was a gym member and joined where she went (our town's recreation center).  She worked out with me for a couple weeks (we are getting back to that some day), but she had a few things come up and had to drop out for a while.  Amazingly, I kept going, often going more than my goal of 3 times a week.  When I was working out with my friend, we did a lot of stuff and often worked out for 2 hours.  

Now that I am in the driver's seat, I am not pushing myself as much.  Here is my schedule:  23 minutes of elliptical (trying to build the time slowly), ab work (painful), arm work or leg work (alternating), and another 15 or 20 minutes of cardio (typically a stationary bike).  I am increasing my endurance and slowly, very slowly losing weight, but other than that, not a lot of soreness (surprisingly) and not a lot of tightening up.  Right now, I see it as a time to build up and establish some consistency with the routine of it (not kill myself).  Eventually, I am sure without my friend to guide me, I will hire a personal trainer for some of my time at the gym, maybe once a week or so.  I feel better about myself doing this.  I also somehow feel decadent having this thing that is for no one else.....nothing else in my routine (except hair cuts and color) is purely for me.....not wrong, it just feels weird.  

The other part of my new fitness emphasis that I am almost afraid to mention is that I have started tennis lessons.  I am afraid to mention it since I am still soooo beginner and soooooo bad that it is still very embarassing to mention.  But, I am making progress.  My forehand is meeting the ball and kind of going where it is supposed to.  My backhand is NOT good!!!  I am enjoying practicing serves, except for picking up all the balls afterward.  

I initially envisioned all three of the younger kids taking with me and having a blast together and learning a new fun family thing.  No one would do it except #4 (well, even him I made participate) and he hated it.  He finished his lessons (only 6) this past Monday night and will do baseball (again enforced participation) for the spring.  I am hoping to get him back in tennis in the summer and really give him time to get better at it.  I am looking for baseball to be quite painful too as he is afraid of the ball and typically whiny.  But, on we plod, looking for something active for him to do that might actually turn out to be fun (fat chance).  

The other kids occasionally go with me or Kevin and I to the gym to work out.  They do some cardio.  I want #1 and #2 to begin doing some weights, but they are very resistant to it right now.  

This summer, I am hoping to tie the gaming stuff at our house to exercise.  They will get a one-on-one swap for the time they spend exercising with their video games.  And for #3, I will have to tie it to how much $$ I spend on her books or how much time I spend at the library with her.  That way, maybe she will get more active.  Ok, I know that sounds mean, but I am just brainstorming....

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Rachel said...

That's great! You are better than me. I just do a 20-minute video at home. :P And I haven't lost any weight at all, but I do feel better.

Have you tried soccer with #4?