Friday, February 27, 2009


I love creativity!  I think when I was homeschooling the thing that pleased me most was not the good grades or the worksheets done right, but it was when my kids thought outside the box and created something unique.  I have three VERY creative kids.  Not bad considering that I am not always very creative.  I have a drive to create, but often don't know what form that will take (and quite truthfully although the drive is there, the time and gumption to follow through is not), but my kids, on the other hand draw, paint, write poetry, stories, class newspapers, comic strips, and 3-D art creations.  I asked my #2 if I could share a poem with you and he said that I enjoy!  One other note:  this is the child who didn't like to write until he went to school and had a teacher that really encouraged him in his writing.  He now has decided that he would like to one day write a book.

It was an early morning sunrise
The beautiful day was quite a surprise
But we ignored all that, we were having fun
"Come on let's go out for a run."
Out and about in the cold morning air
Around and around mere inches to spare
We were laughing and playing in the cold morning air
The parents shook heads saying "My! What a pair!"

Then whirling and spinning on the dew covered lawn
Mom called for breakfast and then we were gone
Into the house to eat a fine meal
Away from the hearts of iron and steel
But in a safe place with hearts filled with care
And beautiful flowers and bird songs in the air
Those days back in May
My! Oh my!  What a fine day! 

One other note:  this poem was accompanied by a dark, dreary (don't want to scare you, so I won't share it) poem.  He told me that he wrote the dark, scary poem while the girls were singing on the bus.  He says when they sing, they are actually screaming.....I guess he was fed up!  So, when I read them both, I saw the two very different parts to his personality, both of which I see frequently as he is a typical teenager.....AND, kind of funny to see his reaction to what was going on around him!


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