Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Beach Vacation

Spring break this year was spent in Destin.  Two of the kids were saying they didn't want to go.  Who wouldn't want to go to the beach?!!  Anyway, we cut the trip down to less days and decided to go anyway.  They have had a good time once we got here.  The weird thing is that without "full" cable at home, their idea of a vacation is getting to watch TV all day long.  We had to bribe them to get them out of the house.  

We rented a "big enough" apartment with enough beds for everyone to sleep (although no one would sleep on the top bunk, so we had to use the couch).  Other than the TV thing, the bed thing, the sharing the bathroom thing, the food thing (everyone wanting to eat 24/7, including me - not good for weight loss efforts), the inactivity thing, the sunburn thing, the cold water thing, and the #1 being sick the last day thing, it was pretty good!  

The highlight was definitely renting a pontoon boat (always thought it was plontoon when I was a kid- but no matter) and going out to crab island for the day.  We had a great time!  The water was freezing, but we braved it and enjoyed the feel of a huge, crystal clean swimming pool with about 2 1/2 foot water in it.  I will share the pictures when we get back home. 

Every time we go to the beach, I attempt to take pictures and my kids are not very coolBulleted List with that.  They think I am the paparazzi.  I asked them to cooperate for my birthday or Mother's day or something.  They "kind of" cooperated and we did a very short photo shoot on the beach with the sun going down for the day.  I can't tell yet how they came out, but let's just say, cooperating is a relative term.....#4 was constantly telling me that I would have to photoshop out his tongue!  

Another thing, our teenagers lately, are a whole new breed, it seems....our #2 keeps saying things that he feels we should take no offense to, and we amazingly don't, but if anyone else said it, we would be totally offended......

It also seems that the hygiene concerns are unending and we are constantly bribing them to get the basics done....yes, there is a lot of bribing going on at our house.....I can hear their little minds saying, "What's in it for me?"  With my "super-nose" (very sensitive - very much a curse), I am constantly feeling overwhelmed with the smells of teens and preteens....

#2 is still having this weird thing about hats....I am fine with it, but I am thinking this might be a bit strange.  He looks very dapper, though, in the latest version.  Each day he seems to change a bit more.  Right now, he is growing some major "man legs" complete with thick muscles,  all of this with the same little 5 foot 1/2 inch body.  

Speaking of change, #1 is now officially taller than his dad!!  This is the child who took growth hormone for a couple of years....and his body continues to look like it is stretched out.......very long and thin.  He needs some of the weight of the rest of us!  

I feel very scattered in my post today....I am hoping that everyone isn't completely weirded out by the vastness of the topics.  And, I am hoping this won't be a post that my kids will be embarassed by later....but I am pretty sure it will be...

Tomorrow we head home and have a couple restful days before the kids head back to school.  I will miss them, I am sure.  I love having them home with me and of course, LOVE having "Honey" home with me.  I need routine, though....gym, diet, my stuff, my bed, my LIFE!

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