Saturday, February 7, 2009

Class Newspaper

My 4th grader came home Thursday night with his own version of a class newspaper.  The idea was his and he was all about finishing it and copying it to hand out Friday to his class.  He had a couple things that were not good for the class, so we edited them out and he added other stuff in.  I am the "box top" lady for my school, so I convinced him to write a "box top" ad for me.  So, he copied it and took it in with the knowledge that he would have to get his teacher's permission to hand it out.  One little girl threw him into a tizzy saying that she could do better and was going to do her own.  Hopefully he is not causing problems in his class, but his teacher will level with me and take care of it.  I was proud of him for his initiative and creativity!  He was so much about getting it done.  As you can see, his forte is comic strips.  He is all the time making these up.   Not sure if you can read it, but here it is:  


Eric said...

Hello Rosegirl!!! In response to your question...Financial peace...Are we there yet?! HA! We want to be but we are STILL working on that 3-6 months worth of income!!! I think I am going to ask Obama for a "bail-out"...or a hand-out, anything is fine with me!

Rachel said...

Very cute and creative!