Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Gives Me Hope....

Today was the parent orientation for the high school's Freshman Center that #2 will go to next year.  Hubby went last night - was pretty overwhelmed, I couldn't go with him as someone needed to be home to oversee homework, supper, and bedtime (it was scheduled from 6-9 pm).  Since this is a significant period of time and darling husband didn't come away with any brilliant insights on course selection, I questioned whether I needed to go today or not.  However, to try to find out if #2 even needed to go there (after the struggles he has had this year with bullying, depression, stress), and to uphold the level of commitment that his dad had in going last night, I decided to go this morning.  The meeting was scheduled for 8-11, so I had to skip my ESL volunteering to go.  Long story short, I sat through the long talk with the big group of parents feeling very confused about what he should take:  regular, pre-AP, pre-IB, etc., etc., etc.....and not a little discouraged.  
After the introductory session,  all the parents go into the cafeteria to talk to the teachers and see what each class and academy (they have five different academies - Engineering, Law, Finance, Health Services, and Technology) had to offer.  Background - This school is one grade and is leading into a school with a combined attendance of about 2,400-2,600 students.  So, they offer a lot and it is very confusing.  (And just so you know, I graduated with about 98 other people.)  So as I went from table to table I was asking what I could and trying to get a feel for the expectations.  
When I finished talking to all I could, I happened upon one of the counselors that I knew had worked with my oldest when he went to this school last year.  I don't know her, but I went up, introduced myself as BK's mom.  She lit up and began to tell me how "He is a doll!" and "I love him."  Maybe I will blog more about his legacy later.  But, I believe in getting to the point and telling people what I need, so I began to ask her about bullying at the FC and how they handle it and if it gets better during high school, etc.  So, this counselor was the perfect one for me to talk to because she had been through that with her own child last year!!  It had affected him so greatly that he had to repeat his grade and was moved to a private school.  So, she definitely knew what I was talking about.  And, when I started telling her about how it had affected his motivation to do school and him wanting to give up, she had experienced this first hand.  In addition, she knew exactly what to do about it.  She had lots of ideas, such as him meeting with her after the student tour and her helping him in getting the right teachers who care and want to help kids,  those teachers who look out for their kids and will be like the "mama hen" for those kids who need it.  She also spoke of meeting with him during the summer and helping him to feel that he had an ally at the campus.  She spoke of connecting him with other kids who needed friends.  She will continue the one support that has worked for him this year (having a high school kid come  - a peer helper - to see him once a week).  Bottom line - she gave me HOPE!!!!  Hope that my child can do better next year than this year.  Hope that he can succeed and move on.  Hope that there will be someone looking out for him.  

I feel that this is a direct answer to prayer.  I have prayed for God's wisdom that He show us if we are to continue with him in public school and God has given me hope.  I thank God for this.  Also, God "dumped my mom out of her recliner" (her words) this morning at 5:00 or so and told her to tell us to read this scripture with him.  It is Isaiah 41: 11-13.  I want to weep as I think about how God is using these little things to speak His great and awesome love for us.  I tear up now, thinking of how He is reminding me that HE LOVES ME!  He loves me and He loves my child.  And He will be with him.  If you go on, verse 14 says, "Despised though you are, O Israel, don't be afraid for I will help you.  I am the Lord, your Redeemer.  I am the Holy One of Israel."  GREAT, AWESOME, WONDERFUL, LOVING GOD!!!!!

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Rachel said...

I found high school *much* easier than jr. high. One nice thing about a big school is that there are bound to be a few kids who are into the same things he is. I'm glad you were able to connect with her, and that she takes bullying seriously.