Thursday, February 12, 2009

High School Vs. Middle School

High school registration continues to be a stressful topic at our house.  And yes, I know this will just go away eventually and we won't have to think about it for another year.  

He made a couple choices that I wasn't sure about and one that I knew was incorrect.  He really wants to be in the Engineering Academy.  I am cool with that, but a prerequisite for acceptance is Algebra.  Because he had no standardized test scores before last year, he was not put into Pre-Algebra last year and therefore could not take Algebra last year.  I should have fought it, but not knowing the ramifications of this, I didn't know to fight it.  Unfortunately, the decisions about math  in middle school (and therefore) high school, are made in 5th grade.  My child was an "unknown" so he was put in the lower class.  

I think what my sisters says about high school vs. middle school is correct.  In middle school, you are still made to fit into the box.  In high school, you can define your OWN box.  In #2s case, this means getting to do things that will set him on the right education track to one day work for LEGO.  He has said this since he was about 10 years old or maybe even younger.  He has not wavered.  I want this for him.  I really do.  But, in this case, there is no going back.  Unfortunately, I think he might be stuck with entering the Academy in the 10th grade.  This will be a big disappointment for him, but I am sure he will weather it.  But, it means not getting to define his box until 10th grade,  not really getting to do what he would like until then, and not getting to be in this little group of people who will be like himself.  This saddens me, but there is not much we can do.  I have e-mailed some people who might know of an Algebra class to take during the summer that might transfer.  We are going to do all we can...and if the answer is "No", then it is "No".  I am confident that he will become who God wants him to be with or without Engineering in 9th grade.

Here are his other course selections:
Pre-Ap English 9
Pre-Ap Biology 9
History 9 (I thought he should have taken Pre-Ap in this one, too.)
Algebra 1
Latin 1
Theatre 1 (no band - I know he will probably do better in Theatre, but I would like for him to continue in band mainly because it gives the students a strong -and for the most part positive group to identify with - however, back to him "defining his own box")
Alternates:  1. Choir and 2. Art (I thought he should have put Art first, but he put Choir first).  This only makes a difference because when we register by computer, we don't put in alternates, so in this they go by what it on your course selection sheet.  Also, since he has down Engineering as one of his choices, he WILL get an alternate.  

I will be praying before we enter his courses online.  He will be fine.  God is in control, and hopefully he will let Him continue to be in control of his life.  Again, his choice!  My prayers are with him, though.....


Rachel said...

Maybe there is an online algebra option? I did not find Algebra 1 all that difficult, so I think he would be fine (and you guys could help him.) Engineering sounds like a *great* fit for him. I really hope it all works out. Be pushy if that's what it takes! :)

Alex G. said...

I just looked up Basic Algebra at UAB. he could choose one of 3 actual classes held over the summer at different times. There is also a UAB online class that only meets 3 times over the summer. I will call UAB tomorrow and see if he is allowed to take it. Can you find out if a UAB class would be what he needs to get into the engineering school??

rosegirl said...

Thanks for both of your help! I will call Monday.