Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Use of Time - Mine and Theirs

Lately I feel that I am either swamped with stuff and overwhelmed, or completely free and not making good use of my time.  For instance, if I don't have a prior engagement, I should be working on the constant clutter that invades my space.  Instead, I am finding something to do like working out (not a bad thing) or finding someone to go to lunch with (again not bad), or spending time on Facebook (terrible, as it is a huge time-waster for me).  I will do better, I will.  Maybe it takes scheduling it in like anything else.  How often do I need to devote to my house?  No idea.  I do know that I am not meant to be one of these moms that stays home 24/7 cleaning and straightening, and I don't want my kids to think that they don't have to lift a finger.  But, I tend to leave stuff for them because I don't want to clean up after them, and then it never gets done.  I am tired of the chaos, especially in their rooms. Right?? (DUH!).  And, I haven't quite figured out how to get this done other than having them earn game time.  

Last Saturday, I did tell them that they had to earn their Wii time.  I told them it had to be earned with exercise or work around the house.  So, my #4 decided to mop the kitchen floor.  Of course, you would think when was done and being rewarded by playing for 20 minutes, the others would get wise, but that didn't happen.  They are thinking of how to get to play.  Their minds are in gear, but they don't want to exert themselves too much (grin).  

Maybe my solution is to make myself earn my free time.  I do try to do laundry if I am sitting down to watch TV during the day.  I do try to do a chore before I "play".  The one area I need to work on is clutter.  Not JUST my responsibility, but I can do something about it.  Here I go!

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