Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Can't Help it!

This is a picture of my friend's baby taken on Kevin's iphone.  We were just hanging out with the "Subject to Change" Cadre (middle schoolers) from our church near our house at the creek.  This picture was not staged and as the three of us ladies sat there admiring her, we couldn't stand not photographing her.  She is so photogenic, but alas, doesn't like to get pictures made.  Isn't she sweet!  My friend won't care, I hope....

We had a grand time with this group!  They are so random, fun, caring, and...well, at times, even odd.  But, we love them!  They are like my middle two's little family within the youth group.  

There were a few VSMs (Very Special Moments) like seeing three little girls (6th graders) innocently holding hands as we walked to the creek, cooking s'mores on the firepit, watching a movie with them in the basement, picking wildflowers along the path, wading and catching crawfish with R.'s very stinky sock, having every kid around wet from knees down (at the very least), and, in general just spending the afternoon and evening together.  

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