Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Day in the Life

Tonight was the parent night for my 8th grader's hall.  I drug him kicking and screaming to the event.  It was REALLY fun and I saw the teachers in a whole new light!!  I might actually like them now!  We made "illuminated manuscripts" complete with Latin text, solved math problems that were based on Medieval times, saw their pop-up books that they made about life in Medieval times (yes, this is 8th grade!), endured the torture chamber, and deciphered a Medieval contract. Each activity we got correct, we were given 10 farthings.  The farthings go to extra points and we earned all we could earn!!  At the end of the meeting, we got to leave input or constructive criticism for the teachers.  Mine was that they "encourage their students more".  When we were leaving, I turned to #2 and asked him if he was glad he went and he said he was!  He had a great time!!  He is struggling, but I saw teachers and students affirm him tonight!!  I asked him which pop-up was his and the other student said, "It's the coolest one!"  And one of the teachers said he was smart in an off-hand way.  Bonus:  I think there might be a girl that has been flirting with him and he is completely clueless!!!  

 On the down side, he is fighting homework with all he has and is being a complete pill about it.   The day after testing ends, they pile on the homework as if to make up for the last two weeks when they couldn't give it out.    

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Rachel said...

It sounds like his teachers are really creative. I like how they designed everything around the Medieval theme. Glad you were able to see the teachers in a different light, and I hope it helps smooth his path for the rest of the year.