Monday, April 13, 2009

Exercise- Wah, Wah, Wah....

I have been on this quest for fitness as I have shared before.  One problem....I am not feeling better....I am very tired all the time.  So tired that I feel like about a third of the time I could lie down almost anywhere and fall asleep.  So, I am trying to keep myself better hydrated.  I am hoping that not drinking enough water is really the problem.  

Yesterday, I wanted to get the kids out and so we picked up some food from the grocery store and headed to the park.  On the way there, I got very sleepy and fatigued.  When we had eaten, I should have walked around and played with the kids....instead, I wanted to lie down on a blanket and fall asleep.  Is this me getting old?  I don't feel old, except for the fatigue and the endless aches and pains from tennis elbow, knees, etc.  This has to get better....

Today, I am going to try a spinning class with my friend and workout partner, R.  She has been pushing me from day one.  I am somewhat along for the ride, but I do enjoy her spirit and enthusiasm.  And I am on a mission to change her eating habits.  So, maybe we can influence each other.  

So last week, we rode 8+ miles on a stationary bike two days in a row, and then Friday we did a step aerobics class.  I could NOT keep up with the teacher.  I couldn't see her well, couldn't hear her at all and I am very uncoordinated, so keeping up was a challenge.  I finally gave up for a long period in the middle and just stepped on and off the steps.  She would do some new thing twice and then move I was just getting it and she was on something else.  The rest of the class was doing all this fancy footwork and neat routines.  A couple of times I just started to tear up and I fought back the tears and kept was tough.  I was relieved when she asked us to run three laps around the gym!!  That I could do!!!!  And I felt that I couldn't leave and leave my steps out there and I really wanted to finish the class.  This was almost tougher the first two or three times at tennis.  

This will get better.  I will keep myself hydrated and find something that fits me.  I am going to conquer this.  Thanks for "listening".

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