Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Modern Family

I so wish I had a picture to share with you on this one, but sadly, it would have been wrong to share a picture of a complete stranger's family on my blog.  Here is the best I can do for a word picture.  This was the scene in Panera at the table next to us.  Two "young adult" women each with a laptop (visibly related to each other - had to be sisters) with (no doubt) their mom each involved in their own activities.  I saw the sisters completely engrossed in their 'puters with the mom getting up periodically to refill the soup bowls, beverages, etc.  For example, she would buy a quart of soup and divide it between the three of them.  The mom was very touching in her care of these two girls who were clearly accepting the care, but not really acknowledging her.  I felt that this was a family who loved each other, despite their somewhat self-absorbed existence.  It seemed that they could have been in separate places or even in their own home with little or no contact, but they chose to be together at one table, being together nevertheless in a very interesting way!  In all fairness, maybe they were college students who needed to study and this was the place to do it with high-speed Internet - who knows the situation.  I just found the whole scene very indicative of our society today.  In light of that, let me sign off the blog, shut down the computer and at least enjoy the movie with my children (grin)!


Eric said...

Hello Rosegirl. It's bombadays who use to go to CLC. Fancy meeting you here!

Did you know that the wife and I are expecting our first child in February? Go and read my blog.

Valerie and Alex said...

WOW! Yes, I have seen these type of people, although it normally involves cell phones...whether texting or talking, it doesn't matter. Same thing, huh?

Eric said...

I foun you on Valerie's blog. I read hers all the time.