Thursday, November 20, 2008

The "burg"

At #4's school, there is a tradition for 4th graders the week before Thanksgiving.  They reenact colonial times complete with costumes, sets, and small short skits.  They have a inn/tavern, a church, a print shop, a schoolhouse, a courtroom, etc.  The kids work very hard learning lines and acting their parts.  The parents and entire school goes through the different scenes and hears the short little skits that they perform.  I have to say that my #4 was the cutest little narrator imaginable.  He can be see dressed up on the right side of my blog, but here are some other pictures.  I had a great time helping out and enjoyed being at the school all day.  It was an exhausting time and the kids were antsy in-between performances, but they did their best.  At one point, I corralled the kids onto the floor and had them doing stretches and deep breathing.  When the student teacher walked up and asked what they were doing, they said, "We are doing our yoga."  Not exactly, but it was an attempt to calm and relax them in-between performances. (I hope no one minds me sharing a few pictures.)


friend S said...

You should be VERY proud. I know your son worked hard too... but the costumes you have been able to come up with in the past few months for your children deserves an academy award!!! I liked this one the best. Best costume finder for her children and their respective events goes to... Rosegirl!!!!!

rosegirl said...

Nothing like a supportive friend! Love you, girl!