Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Election

Our election tradition is to print out a map, color in the states red and blue as the numbers come in.  We added one little piece of adding up the numbers of the electoral college votes this time.We try to make it a "party" atmosphere, getting the kids to have fun, get involved, and enjoy themselves.   My kids did marvelously in understanding the logistics of the election for president.  I am proud of them for getting involved.  Each of the three younger kids "voted" electronically at their school.  The school votes in and counted were for McCain.  However, we are in a very middle-class conservative area that hasn't been largely hurt by the economy.  

The fun is over, though.  It is 9:10 by my computer clock and the kids are finally all in bed or headed there shortly.  The TV stations are saying they are pretty much sure Obama will be the next president. God is in control!  I feel confident that He will make his purpose known.  He will sustain us and love us and take care of us, no matter who is in the White House.  Maybe for God, this is not such a big thing?!  


Rachel said...

Ooh, the map is a good idea. I wish I'd done that with my students. I was trying to explain the electoral college but I don't think they understood. We held a mock election last night too. Obama won by something like 3/1. Not so surprising, I guess.

BB said...

Great for you - quite creative. I disagree with America's decision but I totally trust God to walk with us. He has on many occasions took what appeared to be bad and made good of it. I ask Him to do that and to be with Obama and his decisions.