Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tent Camping with the Experts

This is us with our friends from TN.  We had fun camping for one night at a state park about midway between the two.  We LOVE the W's!!!  I actually can't wait to do this again.  J. was nervous the whole time that it would rain and I wouldn't have fun (I have some horrible memories of camping all the way to Maine - "a la" raining so much that everything floated, leaving the tent flap open and our bedding getting wet, vomiting in the tent, etc.)  The W's have all the equipment and are experts backpackers, campers and LOVE hiking.  We were kind of "along for the ride".......


friend S said...

What great fun. We used to go camping in a tent with other families from our church. The thing that makes it so fun is that you have plenty of family time plus you have buddies to hang with too! We camped in the heat, cold, and rain. But there was never water or vomit in the tent. You are a surviver girl!
Bye now,
friend s

Ms_Angel said...

Camping is fun, even in the snow. It can be peaceful or hectic. I'm sure there must be some gorgeous sites around here.