Monday, June 2, 2008

I miss you, my friends

This school year while the kids were in school was a great time for me to connect with a couple really great friends.  I had time for those women and they had time for me.  We bonded over and became addicted to "too sour" diet lemonade and walks in the mall.  I took our "dates" for granted and now they won't happen for at least a few weeks.  I miss them, both Mrs. G. and my friend S.  I miss that S. always has some comfort for my "headaches" and I enjoy comforting her at times.  We are so much alike.  We struggle with some of the same things.  And, I am afraid, I took her for granted.  Now, I won't be able to see her very much for the summer weeks.  

 Mrs. G. was my friend who always has something wise to say.  She is fun and always lends an air of culture to everything she touches.  Alas, she also is busy for the summer traveling.  I miss them both.  I am sure I will make it, but I need them.  When summer is over, I am sure S. will be as anxious as me for our walking and (mostly) talking to resume.  But, when summer is over, my time with Mrs. G. will be limited as she lives in India for the winter of every year.  Some time or another, our threesome will be back together.  We will enjoy catching up.  I am sure we will pick up pretty much where we left off.  That is how friends are.  Thank God for friends!!!


friend S said...

Having trouble... test to send.

friend S said...

Oh, Friend Rosie girly girl,

God smiles down on me with your smiles and the words that give voice to your heart. I don't mean to be overly mushy or religious... Reading this from you is a gift. Seeing you today was a gift. Your interest with N's homework at the kitchen table, your helping M w/ her Care Bear 24 piece puzzle, your patience with D, and especially the genuine in your smiles to them and me... a lovely gift from you. Also a sign that God is here too, showing me that he has not only placed a special friend in my life, but he is showing himself to me, his love for me, through that friend in simple yet powerful ways. Thank you Rosie Girl for all that you are and also for being an instrument to my Father and me.

Happy Summer,
Friend S

rosegirl said...

sniff....tearing up at your kind words.