Saturday, June 14, 2008

Plum Jelly

For some odd reason, I decided to make a batch of plum jelly.  Here is how it went down.

1. #3 and I go to a farmer's market at a local church about 30 minutes before it closes.  
2. All the produce was sold out except blueberries and a sack of plums.
3. I offer to buy the plums and the older couple selling them give me a good deal on a BUNCH of plums.
4. I get home and wonder what I have gotten myself into, but realize there is very little I could do with this many plums before they spoil, so I decide to make jelly.
5. I go to buy the supplies and realize that jelly-making supplies (except for jars) are NOT sold at suburban discount stores and that jelly-making requires some basic supplies like a canner, a pair of "jar tongs" to remove the jars, etc.
6. I press ahead because as you have guessed, I STILL have a large bag of plums and nothing else to do with them, plus I think that it will give the kids something constructive to do.
7. So, I buy jars, sure-jell and sugar (lots of sugar).
8. #3, #4 and I make one batch of plum jelly that turns out "plum" well!!!
9.  I have juice left, so I refrigerate the rest for the next day.
10. I finish out the rest of the juice with darling husband and kids helping me.
11. Batch #2 doesn't turn out quite as well (doesn't jell), but out of that bag of plums, we got 27 jars (half-pints) of plum jelly - well, actually 9 of which is more like syrup than jelly.  
12. We are happy to be done with the jelly making and swear we will never do that again as it is a LOT of work.  However, as you have probably guessed, I am proud of our handiwork and jelly-making is a little like having a baby, when you see the fruit of your labor, you sigh and say, "Maybe it wasn't SO bad."

Scary, huh?!!!


friend S said...

Hey friend. Congratulations on your accomplishment!!! I would NEVER try to make jelly. Husband read this with me and said maybe we should make jelly. With last nights dishes still in the sink... I said, "making jelly is for cleaner houses!" We need to concentrate on what we have going on. I can't wait to talk to you. It's been a while. I'll try to call you today. We're having my brother's six overnight tonight to have a Star Wars trilogy marathon sleep-over! Yikes... I'm actually looking forward to it. We don't do enough together. Miss you,
Friend S

Rachel said...

Wow, that sounds really hard. I get the urge to make strawberry jam every now and then when I see big flats of berries at the farmer's market, but then my laziness gets the best of me.

kosovacajun said...

Can't wait to try some!

scraphappy said...

You are a hoot! I hope y'all had fun doing it! Take Care!