Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sad, but grateful

So, this is our first time to say "good-bye" to teachers - goodbye to those who have been such an integral part of our lives for 9 months.  I am very sad to think that these special people might exit our lives and we might never see them again.  I am very grateful to them for the year of teaching and caring and filling my kids lives and minds.  I feel huge amounts of gratitude for them and their love for their students and their craft.  I am in awe of them and their ability to do this year after year with small pay and little thanks.  

I remember when I would go back "home" and shop at this one store, I would sometimes see my first grade teacher "Mrs. Japp" (one of only two really GREAT teachers that I had) and I would love talking to her as an adult and remember that she liked me, was nice to me, and took an interest in me.  

Will it be like that for my kids?  Will they see their teachers one day and connect with them and remember what they did for them?  I hope so.  I hope that we see them around town.  I hope we can keep a little line of communication going.  I hope that those four really special people in our lives - for #1 - Ms. B, for #2 - many but especially Mrs. H, for #3 Mrs. V and for #4 Mrs. S - know how much they helped us, how much they inspired, and how much they encouraged them each to do their best, shine their brightest, and achieve what they could.  I love them for it!!!

And for next year, I look forward to meeting some other special people and getting the chance to get to know others.  I am only hoping that there are other teachers out there who care like these did and want to be a source of encouragement to my kids.  

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  It can never be said enough.....

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kosovacajun said...

Did you ever have Ms. Munzell? She was AMAZING. I barely remember any of the names of my high school teachers, much less elementary school. But Ms. Munzell was definitely memorable. I'd give anything to know where she is and what she's doing and to be able to say thanks.