Monday, May 26, 2008

A Poem and a Prayer

I weep....
  • because I have four children so loved.
  • because I have four special children.
  • because I want them to fulfill their dreams.
  • because I am overwhelmed with how to get there.
  • because of my child who will be hindered from his dreams.
  • because of my child who doesn't dare to dream or dare to share them.
  • because of my child whose dreams are laughed at.
  • because of my child whose dreams are too little.
  • because I know the uniqueness of each child gives them the place they have in our family and in the world.
Please help me to champion the cause of the dreams in my children.  Please help me to encourage them, to give to them in a way that will help them fulfill their dreams.


friend S said...

A mother's love and connection to the souls of her children is abstract,and strong. Your love for your children is very strong. I love my children too of course, but you inspire me to pray more for this delicate journey that leads farther down the road than I tend to look. WWW, I have 2children with autism, and though my "normal" feels quite normal most of the time... I'm quite afraid to imagine the dreams of my children, what form their future will take, how my only child w/o autism will fit into their lives and how they will fit into his. How will the world will receive them, what they will offer. I pray that I will continue to keep trying to be and do what God created me to do for these little ones. How I wish he were more specific. But I know what he wants from me... even as I write, I hear him speak in the silence of my heart... he wants me to keep the door to my heart and mind open to him. To pray more. To listen more. If I draw closer to him, he'll draw closer to me. W/o paying attention to him as much as I should, I tend to be and do less rather than more for the kids. I want to be more actively aware of the opportunities I have to do my part in shaping who they will become and what God created them to be...

rosegirl said...

Wow, friend s, that is very deep, thoughtful and Godly. I am thankful to have you for my friend. Keep on keeping on!!! You really are doing a great job.....