Monday, December 8, 2008

Can you spell Christmas P-A-I-N?!

Every year around this time, my kids start really acting raunchy!  I noticed the first year I was a mom, I am sure, but it got really bad when they were all preschoolers and is still continuing to this day.  It just seems that no matter how good our fall was, it goes downhill from there and the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is such PAIN!  They can't seem to get along, they don't want to do chores, they are antsy and bratty and unkind.  I kind of wish they believed in Santa, but even if they had when they were preschoolers, those days are LONG gone.  

Anyway, somehow we always make it through this time of the year without me killing them (you haven't read about me in the paper yet).  I hope God will give me grace to deal with them better than I have been the last few days.  Some things, hubby was like "let it go" and I didn't want to.  I didn't want to let it go because all this misbehavior just seems to "pile up".  I can't get over the last one, so they just merge from one into the other.  Maybe it is because at this point, the kids are getting too old to be coerced into seeing my viewpoint and apologizing.  One child in particular (no names, but only one of a different gender) can't seem to admit guilt or even "be" sorry.  O.K., I know you are tired of this vent or rant.  I will sign off, just remember me and my kids in your prayers.  We are having a bad month!

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Rachel said...

The holidays can be kind of overwhelming and stressful. Kate has been more difficult lately too.

Hope the behavior improves soon.