Sunday, July 27, 2008


There are not many places that two days after you get home, you are longing to go back.  This is how Yellowstone is, though!!!  We had such a great time.  We saw many, many animals, lots of interesting people and everywhere you look, beautiful, wonderful vistas.  I almost cry looking at the pictures because there is a longing to be there, to see the sights, to breathe in the fresh air.

 The whole time, we were on an animal chase.  We went to great lengths to see as many wild animals as we could.  The last afternoon, we got so many new sightings, we were amazed when we look back on it. 

 We had seen hoofed animals all week - elk by great numbers, bison in herds and alone, deer, maybe a moose or two,  and on horseback some pronghorn antelope.  The sight of a bear eluded us for days.  We went up north in the park especially to see bear.  Still no bear.  But the last evening, there was a small, cinnamon spotted black bear right by the roadside!!!  He or she was so beautiful and so close that we could have almost touched it.  It was feeding on a rotting tree and the grubs there, oblivious to the humans around it.  It came alongside our van and then crossed the road in front sending the people in the road scattering to get away.  After that, as "icing on the cake", we saw a coyote, and lastly right in Old Faithful Village where we were staying, a red fox!!  We were so excited to see the bear, but seeing all of these in one afternoon, we were well beyond excited!!  

There is no describing the feeling of seeing God's beautiful handiwork, so spread out for us to see, everywhere we looked, 360 degrees.  The "thermal wonders" are also magnificent, but seeing all of this in one park goes beyond what I can describe.  I have tried, but until you are there, you just don't know how it is.  Let's just say, if you have a "bucket list", this is a must-see addition.  

Alas, there is pain in going to such a special place, and that is in coming home.  We knew that this was a special trip that was well worth the work and time put in planning it, but that is was also a trip that wouldn't be repeated for a while and probably never again with all four kids.  But enjoy it we did!!


friend S said...

When we went camping when I was a little girl, we went to the state parks around AL. All I remember seeing in the way of animals was a small tree frog which I thought was "so cute." I can't imagine your summer adventure. Were you frightened at all?

rosegirl said...

No, too excited to be frightened!!!

Rachel said...

Glad you had fun! I need to go there.

Ms_Angel said...

It sounds like a wonderful trip. One day I'll go to yellowstone and enjoy the beauty of it all. Great pictures! So I guess y'all stayed in a cabin?