Friday, July 18, 2008

The Puzzle

This puzzle was meant to give me something to do with #1 during the summer.  He loves elephants and I thought we could do the puzzle and "puzzle-save it" and put it up in his room.  It started out everyone working on it, but at the end, it was me gnashing my teeth to finish it.  It was HARD and time-consuming.  Even the self-proclaimed "puzzle genius" (#3) gave up.  I was so glad to get it done!!!  And it is sooooo beautiful!!!


Ms_Angel said...

That is a wonderful puzzle and looks like it would be time consuming. How many pieces?

rosegirl said...

Not sure....I think 1500 or 1000. yes, it was very time consuming and very hard!!!

friend S said...

Did you say you would put it in one of the kid's room? Which one?