Monday, July 14, 2008

Summer, part 3

Summer is winding down.  Even with all the activity and arguing and extra work, I long for this to go on.  The kids can stay up and enjoy extra outside play time, movies with the family, read-alouds, games, and time with us.  And I like them being here.  I rest better at night, feel more comfortable during the day, and like the extra time they spend with each other discovering new ways to make things.  They seem more relaxed and I am too.  But in three more weeks, summer will be over and we will be rediscovering what it means to get used to getting up on a schedule, coping with homework, and getting to know the new school situations.  I feel hopeful that at least for #2 and #4, it will be pretty easy and a smaller adjustment.  For the other two, not so sure.  They will be changing schools.  The big exciting news is that the teacher we loved so much for #3 will have #4 - for two years!!  I am looking forward to working with her again and letting her work her magic on his stubborn personality and brilliant mind.  We have kept up with her during the summer and are just thrilled to have her continue on "Team K."!!!  There are other people I got to know last year that I will enjoy seeing again.  The administrators (especially a couple special friends), the instructional support teacher that #3 had last year and this year will be working with #4, and some (a few) of the other moms that volunteer at the schools.  I also look forward to the new teacher #1 will have and what the bigger, more challenging environment will do for him.  So, if we can make it through the next six weeks, I will feel a lot more comfortable with what lies ahead for the rest of the year.  

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Rachel said...

Only three weeks?! You guys start early.

Summer is weird for me right now because I'm working, so it doesn't really feel like summer.

I'm sure it must be scary to think about all the changes in store for the kids, but at the same time a little easier than last year.