Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Winding Down

The ending of school is different for my four kids.  The oldest and youngest have parties, fun stuff and interesting things to do.  For the middle two, it is a little more complicated.  #2 has final exams up through the very last day of school, and major projects that are coming due.  #3 still has classes as normal and normal homework.  We are making it, though.  I am sure going to be glad when it is all done.  #2s project for his L.A. class is an illustrated children's book complete with original illustrations.  He did a very good job on the drawings.   I would have been FREAKING over this project as I can't draw.  

Funny that my kids are so much more artsy than I was.  Maybe it was because they had all those homeschooling years to practice their creativity.  Three of my kids draw very well and two of them are pretty much "global" learners.  By that I mean that they are good at auditory skills and visual skills.  Both of these kids are also science-y and math-y and great artists!  I find this an amazing combination.  Maybe that is the engineering gene that Kevin has, or is that an architectural gene....not sure.  

Anyway, I will post more art-work later.  #2 is usually pretty mechanical in his drawing, #3 is more soft curves and animal or fantasy drawings, #4 is very much into the cartoon thing with "CRASH" and "BOOM" peppering his drawings.  

Back to the school thing, we will make it and each day we get closer to the end.  It will end none too soon for #2.  This is quite probably the hardest school year he will have, at least from the social standpoint.  I keep hearing this from everyone and I pray it is true.  He is pretty negative about himself right now.  I have to keep working on his self-esteem....and it is hard work.  

Along with the frustration of how #2s peers see and treat him is the affirmation that he gets from adults.  The adults around us, find him charming, handsome and interesting.  I have to believe that it will all come out in the wash.  He is all those things and more.  I have to hope for the gifts he has to help him find his way.  God has blessed him and has His hand on him.  I know that, without a doubt!

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