Monday, May 18, 2009

It's a Wrap! (Well almost....)

Except for 3 more exams for #2, the school year is pretty much done.  We have almost made it.  Let's not celebrate yet, but the kids are pretty much in a celebratory mood.

 #1 and #3 did amazingly well!  It was truly a great year for #3!  She worked hard, came into her own academically, for sure.  #4 did pretty good with his academics, but there is always a longing in my heart for him to really show us what he can do.  I feel that he is always dallying around (so-to-speak) and not really putting forth much effort.  

For #2, though, we are celebrating that he doesn't have to enter a painful place called "middle school" ever again.  He has been in pain much of the year and struggled not to let it ruin his grades as well.  He made a really good friend this year, but other than that, we were just glad that the year is almost over.  Since this is the kid who can normally listen in class, not study much at all, and make a B on a test, I look for him to not have too much trouble with the last 3 exams.  However, his heart is not in it.  He is already "checked out" of school.  I am hoping for a "healing" summer.  I am hoping for him to find again what brings him joy.  I am hoping that he will enjoy new pursuits like theatre and engineering through the camps he is enrolled in.  I am also hoping for a love of band to be kindled through building relationships with those in the group.  I am hoping for a banner year.  I am hoping most of all for him to feel free of the bonds of middle school.  I know that if he can get over this year and have a good year next year, he can do most anything!  He is very bright, sweet, kind, and sincere.  I don't think those at his school have seen the child I know or appreciated the gifts he has.  My heart is grieved about this, but there is hope.  God has given me hope for a better future - a future with #2 fulfilling his potential.  

"In everything give thanks for this is the will of God, in Christ Jesus, concerning you."  So God, I thank you for the trials we went through knowing (or at least hoping) that you will work them out for our good.  I love that you have the power to do that in our lives.  I rest in that assurance. My hope is in you, dear, loving, Father.  My hope is in you!  

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Rachel said...

So glad it's all over for you guys! Hope you have a wonderful summer, and that things go well for #2 next year.