Monday, September 15, 2008

On We Grow, Learning What We Can....

The school year has only just begun.  The kids are doing well, but not exactly happy.  I don't know how I feel.  I feel that some of the time, I need the freedom and am enjoying it.  Other times, I feel that I need to be with my kids and savor their time in my household.  They seem so grown-up and very close to leaving my "nest".  I know for a fact that one day I will be doing something else.  I know that I am in a "training" or "holding pattern" for now.  I am a minister to my children and "snatches" for other people such as my girls at church and the ESL students I teach on a volunteer basis. 

As far as my children, I feel that my time with them is significant for what they teach me sometimes more than for what I teach them.  But, I do hope that they are learning some skills that only maturity (NOT!!) or age can bring.  One thing that seems to be a recurring theme is "Never, never, never give up!!" Also, I hope they learn that life is not necessarily supposed to be fun. I hope they learn that a lot of times, the fun you have is while you are doing something that is fulfilling, often hard or even back-breaking "work".  That the times when you are happiest is when you are contributing to a bigger, greater good.  For me, that is the most important piece of sage advice that I can pass on.  I love them deeply, greatly and want they to be happy.  But their happiness will have to play "second fiddle" to developing them as people.  They MUST get this!!  They can and they WILL!!  And they must get that making others and God happy comes before pleasing their own flesh.  And when they please others and God, they ultimately please themselves.  That is TRUTH!!!  

So, for now, they stay in school, working hard, learning all they can about themselves and others.  They stay away from me 8-3 or so, and then the intense 3-8 time, I try my best to fit as much discipleship in as I can.  I try to encourage them get some chores done, along with the (at times) loads of homework they have.  I try to fit in family activities and a dinner together (not always).  And there does seem to be time for pure, unadulterated FUN!!  

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friend S said...

Girl you minister to me too! I can relate to so much of this. The struggles of a mom and her young to be sure. But you have alwayes inspired me with your enthusiasm regarding teaching your kids academics. God is telling me, "Girl, you need to spend more time with your kids doing homework... soon they will tower over you! I believe N already does...
I had fun with you and friend L yesterday!!
See ya,
Friend S