Monday, September 8, 2008

Hippies, pregnant teachers and more

This is an older post that I felt was pretty good.  I didn't post it immediately....not sure why, but it seems good, looking back on it.  I think it still applies.  I hope you get something out of it.  It makes me step back from the day-to-day struggles and see my kids for what they are:  AWESOME!  Of course we have our moments, but I thank God for giving me the grace to look above or around or beyond the craziness of the hard days to the great things He is teaching us (but mostly me).  Ok, I will pipe down and let you read for yourself.  Here it is:

When my kids were "wee ones" I never thought I would be discussing the things that we are discussing here lately and getting as "in depth" as we are!!  We can no longer confine the conversation to the "pretty" or "sweet" side of life.  There are lots of things about hippies that I would rather my kids not dwell on, such as drug use and "free love", but I do want them to know the truth, so we discuss these aspects (with some picking up more than others, of course).  I also stressed that everyone that is called a hippie is not really a hippie.  The next topic we covered is how sometimes pregnant teachers are grumpy because they are hormonal.  That was a "mind-full" for the pre-pubescent or post-pubescent boys that I am raising, I am sure.....but it is true and I want them to know that those things are a part of life.  I told them that they might not remember this, but when I was pregnant, I wasn't very nice to be around sometimes.  I told them that sometimes at night, I would cry because I had taken how I felt out on my kids.  That also was a lot of info for their minds.  But, we can't live in the past when things are simple.  Things are not so simple anymore.  But, I wouldn't trade these days for those.  They are just different.  The kids are growing up.  Their school days contain things that I wish they didn't, but, the kids are growing up to be people who (at least most of the time) filter what they think and what happens to them by what my husband, I, and even God says about it.  And for that I am grateful.  They aren't relying on "snotty-nosed kids" to tell them what's-what.  That is huge!!  For anyone with teens and tweens, that is so big and so wonderful that I can't even express it. So as they labor away with their mountains of homework, I sit here trying to express my pride in what they are becoming.  And I pray for grace for the days ahead, which will no doubt be tougher than these are!!   

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