Friday, March 28, 2008

A Place In-Between

So here I am between home-schoolers and public schoolers...I have been a home-schooler for 11 years but my kids are now in public schools. I feel like I don't belong in a way. I have a home-schooler's heart and love the lifestyle but became tired of the teaching and really tired having no one to share the awesome responsibility of educating my four children.

So when I am with home-schoolers, I feel a bit left out, a bit overlooked. "You are not one of us anymore" - although no one says that, that is what I feel. I also feel compelled to defend my rights to place my children in school and tell people how well they are doing.

On the other hand, when I am with public school parents, they don't "get" me. They always want to know first why I quit home-schooling, and then why I started home-schooling in the first place. I truly don't mind talking through all of this with them and love to explain myself, but we just don't "fit". At least not yet. I am moving on, though and trying to get over my "past". I say that as if I have some kind of skeletons in my closet. My skelelton is that I home-educated my children!! Ok, so that makes me not your "run of the mill" person, but those who know me knew that already.

To my really great friends - those who accept me for who I am, they know my past and present, and will be with me in my future as well. To those friends, I salute you!!! You know who you are.


Barbara said...

As Christians, we all make decisions based on what we feel we need to do based on the moment God has us in. No guilt. Love ya, mean it.


ped.doc said...

So now that you are not homeschooling, you are beginning to show your writer skills! Ever thought of writing a book? I'd be first in line to buy!

We should form a club called the "no-belongers". I wish I could be more at home with my kids but have to work, so don't really belong to the working moms, b/c my interest is not in career advancement, but can't homeschool either so don't fit there. Hmm.

By the way- my FAVORITE book is Jane Eyre!

greasy joan said...

You know, I think about fitting in like in junior high... or in Suburbans with white soccer balls and "Mason" beneath them... and wonder... in God's kingdom there really isn't a need to find a niche. And as mothers, why shouldn't we support and encourage one another as MOTHERS, offering grace and consolation?

I also think the world would be a better place if all families approached school with a homeschooler's heart, in other words, they are involved, and pray for their kids' teachers.

I love Jane Eyre too.