Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sweet One Straight From the Heart of God

Thought you would all like to see the new beautiful baby!!!  S. (my sister) had her Friday on a lucky day 8-8-08!!  She is gorgeous, looks like her mommy.  She was 6 lb. 9 oz. (three weeks early) but healthy and too sweet for words!!!  I was there in the delivery room when my sister had her fist baby (to be placed for adoption, a little girl, almost 13 years ago).  Now God has been good and given her a little girl to bless her life!!!  We love Meg and she is a part of our lives, but S. needed her very own little girl to love and care for.  After getting married to a wonderful man in 2005 and having T.J. two years ago, this has brought it all full circle!!  We are all so blessed!!!  And I LOVE babies, can you tell?!!


Rachel said...

She's precious! I can't wait to hold her.

friend S said...

Well put. She's a delightful little one... like her Auntie Becca!